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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we lead tonight with a couple of stories out of prince george's county. an apartment complex destroyed
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by fire. the firemen are trying to put out the hot spots here. in laurel, divers skim the water for hours and rescuers pulled a teenager from a pond. erika gonzalez is live on the scene with details. >> reporter: initialry prince george's county fire and ems crews were not sure if this was a rescue or recovery effort. and a few minutes ago a teen was pulled from this pond behind me. at last check, they are still working on the teen and he was taken to a local hospital. this all began about 9:00 this evening at these apartments the mistletoe springs apartments in laurel. prince george's fire and ems responded. they brought out medics and divers, swimmers and small rafts to place in this pond. they joined hands and went out trying to search for a missing
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man. we now know that this is a teenager. the pond is shallow. we are not sure at this point why the teen went into the pond. we're not sure if it was just because initial reports were saying he went for a swim. but that has not been confirmed. what we do know is that a few minutes ago that teen was rescued from the water and rushed over to the hospital. and one woman tells news4 she witnessed the dramatic rescue. >> all i saw was them pulling -- the searchers went in the water and they went deep out into the water and when they came back, we saw them dragging something but you couldn't see it until they got the gurney and they pulled him out of the water. >> we'll continue to bring you more information as it becomes available. again this teen rushed to the hospital. follow us at on twitter for the latest developments. back to you. more breaking news in
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district heights maryland where black smoke was billowing into the sky after a fire at an apartment complex. shomari stone is there with more on this. shomari? >> reporter: this fire was so intense it took more than 100 firefighters to put it out. there are hot spots burning. i'm sitting on a curb with the other residents. they have been here for than three hours waiting to see what will happen to their apartment. the firefighters are still surveying all the damage and putting out hot spots and dozens of families are homeless right now. we are learning that this fire ripped through the building. >> how it spread like that. wow. >> reporter: tony adkinson made sure his neighbors were safe as his apartment building went up in flames in a matter of minutes. >> we ran inside the building and knocked on the doors to get everybody out. >> burned free for a long period of time before anyone noticed it.
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>> reporter: firefighters say the fire started at 7:45 tonight and it took an hour to put it out. the building was fully engulfed in flames and smoke when they arrived. >> it was the entire building on fire and my son said, mom i can feel the heat on my ankles. >> are everyone evacuated and stood on the street behind the yellow tape. we've learned 22 units are now damaged leaving around 70 people without a place to live. we're now bringing you closer to the scene at a safe distant. the fire started on the other side of that building right there that says 1971 and spread on the backside. many of the units you see in both of those buildings are going to have smoke and water damage. >> the balcony in the next building was like flames everywhere. >> reporter: everyone got out okay and no one was hurt except for a dog. >> seeing that dog get burned
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was scary right there. >> one man just grabbed his dog and ran outside. now, the county is expected to help the victims of this fire. they are trying to figure out who needs help. they are still assessing the situation and the cause of this fire is under investigation. i'm shomari stone in district heights, news4. crews are working to restore power to thousands of people after wind gusts slammed chicago and left nearly 200,000 people in the dark. heavy rains created some flooding. no one was seriously hurt. up in new york, people are cleaning up after severe weather did considerable damage. strong winds and heavy rains forced a house off its foundation before the hail pu o
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pummelled the structure. this is the second day in a row we dodged a bullet because of cloud cover. clouds out there during the day today did not allow the sun to really heat usross the region and the storms need that heat in order to become severe. we just had a few isolated severe thunderstorm warnings for frederick county and montgomery county but that was it. most of us remain dry today. the temperatures remained in the low to mid-90s across the area but it could have been more. tomorrow we're looking at a beautiful day, the temperatures making their way down from the north and withest with temperatures in the 80s tomorrow and near 100 on thursday. down in dallas, texas, hundreds of angry people surrounded a crime scene after police shot and killed a man this evening. we don't know what led to the shooting. dozens of additional officers were called in to keep the crowd
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from going on to the field where it happened. despite tensions running high, things did not get physical between the crowd and the police. dark knight movie star christian bale makes a surprise visit to the colorado movie massacre. the investigator returnsed to the crime scene and the suspect's apartment looking for clues in the kay. jay gray has the report. >> reporter: the focus in aurora turned back to the suspect's apartment. prosecutors getting their first look inside. while back at the crime scene, a chain link fence went up around theater. evidence teams continuing their search. as mourners search for comfort in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's a feeling of sadness and such loss. such loss for all the families. >> reporter: families like this. >> he was one of the best sons any man could ever have. and i've been honored to know
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him. >> i need officers on the east side. >> reporter: when the shooting started alex teves threw his mom and girlfriend to the floor and died shielding them from the bullets. >> god sent me an angel, not just that night but for two and a half years. he sent me an angel. >> reporter: emotions continue to spill over at makeshift memorials outside theater. >> it becomes real. i'm overwhelmed by the tragedy and the senselessness. >> reporter: they draw strength from hugs and being together, hope from the stories of heroes like alex and survivors fighting for their lives. >> reporter: today christian bale spent time with survivors and first responders and we learned that warner brothers, the studio that produced the dark knight rises has donated a substantial amount to a victims fund that in just two days as
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raised more than $2 million. jay gray, nbc news, aurora, colorado. police are investigating the first murder in arlington in two years. police say a family member found a couple dead inside their apartment this afternoon. they lived at the park complex on south 31st street. both of the victims were 30 years old. the neighbor tells news4 a couple lived there with two young sons. investigators were looking in trash bins behind the buildings for evidence. the victims have not been identified. now to a close call. a mother drove into the path of a freight train minutes after dropping her children off at daycare. the train dragged her suv about 30 years from the crossing at decatur street. the warning lights were flashing but the crossing does not have a gate that drops down. the mother was alert when the paramedics arrived. mary treadwell the first
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wife of marion berry has died. they were married from 1972 to 1977. mary tread wealth co-founded pride incorp. real estated with marion berry in 1967. it was a federal job training program. more than a dozen people were hauled off in handcuffs outside the white house part of a protest to fight hiv and aids. hundreds marched in the midst in the midst of the international aids conference. they called for funding to help fight the spread of the disease. they tied red ribbons dollar bills and bill bottles to the front lawn fence. the montgomery county council approved a compromise over a costco gas station.
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the cost go at westfield wheaton can sell gas as long as the pumps are 300 feet away from recreation areas and homes. neighbors were worried about the safety of the original plan because is it a high traffic area with kids and across the street from a swim and tennis club. amtrak is expected to make an announcement about plans to transform union station into a hub of high speed rail travel. it will be a $7 billion project. the promise would triple the number of passengers the union station can handle and call for six new tracks dedicated to high-speed trains to cut the travel time between d.c. and new york to 90 minutes. the big question? how to pay for the expansion. coming up tonight, a puppy dumped in a garbage bag and left for dead. the pup is recovering. tributes pouring in for an iconic sitcom star found dead in
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rescuers hope $2500 will help them find the person who nearly killed this puppy in maryland. hershey is an eight-month-old pit bull. someone put him in a trash bag and tossed him from a car in
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upper marlboro last week. he was picked up and brought to a shelter. a vet says he is underweight and has paw problems likely from being locked in a cage. >> heart breaking. he's such a sweet dog and he's still so young. and very, very obedient. i don't know how someone could basically leave him for dead and abandon him. >> the mutts matter rescue program will take care of him. dozens of generations are mourning normal hensley. he played george jefferson. he got an emthissy nomination for his work in the jeffersons in 1984. acting was not his only accomplishment. he was a singer and air force veteran. he died today in texas. he was 74 years old.
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officers in d.c. can no longer interfere with or seize your camera if you are taking pictures of them on duty. the policy is a result of the lawsuit. a young photographer said that police detained him for taking pictures of a traffic stop two years ago. they are not allowed to take your camera or tell you to stop snapping pictures and banned from intentionally blocking your view. >> i love it. it's hard to get things changed in this city. so i'm really happy that i was a part of the process of getting them to change their procedures. >> under the policy an officer can seize your cell phone if they think it contains potential evidence but they will need to get a search warrant before they can view the images on it. a mangled mess near dupont circle. a honda was traveling on 20th street when the driver lost control. it ended up on two wheels on the
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hood of one vehicle. no one was hurt here. they needed a flat bed tow truck to untangle the mess. there is a hotel in britain where they have replaced scriptture with the book too 50 shades of gray. 50 shades of gray has sold 20 million copies in the u.s. alone. when i was in britain i didn't stay there. >> no. >> you didn't seek it out or anything? >> i did not. >> we're not sure if dan is staying in that hotel. he is there now. >> he took his own copy with him. >> a night nigce night out ther >> you could feel the difference
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in the wind. a little cooler. but i want to show you video tomorrow morning. we were talking about this video earlier. this is a flash flood. this is what happens. nothing, nothing, nothing, and boom you get water in your backyard. the homeowners here in the tucson, arizona area where they did catch flash flooding. this occurred twice in a matter of a week. the homeowners say forest fires in that region have stripped that region of any of that rain -- you know what i'm talking about. the rain moves in faster and you get flash flooding and a lot of water. see what happens when i try to explain something like that. the high was 93. the low was 74. tomorrow morning around 70. but that is only four degrees cooler but it will feel ten degrees cooler. the record was 101 setback in 2010. as for the temperatures right now, 82 degrees. dew point at 69.
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that's not bad. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. the wind will bring in much cooler air. 76 in hagerstown. and 75 in fredericksburg. still on the warm side. through the rest of the night the temperatures will fall into the 60s in most locations. here's the storms and the showers we saw today. numerous areas of rain. although most of us in northern virginia stayed on the dry side. it was back to the west and to is south and west that saw a lot of rain. not a lot of severe weather today. the reason we didn't see the severe weather. the atmosphere was ripe for it. the temperatures today in the low to mid-90s. but we had a lot of cloud cover from previous storms back to the west. that cloud cover did not allow us to produce the severe storms and also kept the temperatures down a little bit.
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we hit 93 today but we could be around 96 or 97. philly hit 97 degrees across the region today. look at the north and west. the high temperature in pittsburgh, 86. but here is the air for thursday. 107 in st. louis. 104 in wichita and that air will make its way in here quickly. enjoy the day tomorrow. hot temperatures brought down tomorrow. the nice weather for wednesday. and here comes thursday. say good-bye to the nice weather. the low humidity changes to hot weather and a lot of humidity on thursday. a heat index approaching 105 to 110. tomorrow morning beautiful. you will notice the difference. comfortable and a great start. 60 to 70 degrees when you step out the door. 101 on thursday. 97 on friday. 91 on saturday and cooling a bit
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on sunday. there could be storms thursday through sunday. >> less than three days to go until the opening ceremony of the olympics and the olympic flame is on the move in london. today the torch traveled by train from wimbledon and specially decorated cars and then headed -- >> they headed to -- for a visit to olympic park. one of the most impressive sights is outside the czech republic house. this bus is doing pushups -- that looks like one of those things in california the cars that hop up and down like that. an artist worked for six months to install lifts on an old bus to make it look like it is doing pushups. remember when people used to remember when people used to complain about the nats' bats?
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. do we have us a baseball team or what? >> we have to take note. it's the last sportscast in a while without the redskins. >> someone write this down. >> gio gonzalez went from one of the worst outings in a nats' uniform to his best. last time he was tagged for
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3 1/3 and tonight he gets his revenge. in the second inning he gets ike davis to go down swinging. he give up two hits and no earned runs. top six, adam laroche launches this one deep. and the upper deck. a two-run shot his 17th of the year. 3-1 nats. two on for jesus flores. jason bay's throw is off the mark. nats take advantage of a four-run sixth inning, winning by the count of 5-2. we get our fill of the orioles at camden yards. hosting tampa.
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adam jones, where did he go? in the fourth crushes this to center. his 23nd home run of the year. skip to the fifth. chen is on the mound for the o's facing brooks conrad. and he is going to see conrad smack this to left. tampa bay picks up the win, 3-1. the u.s. men's basketball team is making it look easy at least in the exhibitions. none more impressive than today against spain. this is the rematch of the 2008 gold medal game and many think it's a preview of this year. chris paul and pau gasol going head to head again. trouble for the u.s. early. spain up 3 in the first. jose calderon finds ibaka. but back comes the u.s. carmelo anthony drains a three ball from the wing. 23 of his 27 points in the first
11:28 pm
half. usa down 7. durant and lebron james working together. look at lebron throwing down. usa wins big 100-78. they open olympic play on thursday against france. and the washington castles get the 27th win in a row. ♪
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you hear about firefighters rescuing cats from trees or puppies from wells. in south florida they help pigs that slipped into a pond. neighbors jumped in to hold its head above water and someone else called 911. check it out. that pig is 900 pounds. fire crews had to use a ladder and a tarp to hoist her out of the water. she is two years old and not
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- animals with julie scardina, from "jersey shore," jenni "jwoww" farley,


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